you got your first iPhone

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so, you’ve finally moved from android to an iphone. great.
here’s a few things you should do directly.

get an iTunes/apple account.
that means you need to give apple your credit card details.
until you do that, you won’t be able to get either free or paid apps.
we’ll get to the apps in a moment.

here’s the apple page if u need it

by having an iTunes account, you’ll get an apple email, like
that will let you go to and sign in.
ya, u could have an iTunes account and not use an apple email, but its easier if u use the…or the now more likely
this page has some help about this:
i should say that my email methods are a little odd for some people, so i’m not the greatest person to get email/itunes help from.
but, to continue…a big reason you want to sign into is so you can turn on “find my iphone”.
do it right away. then if u lose your phone u can locate it on the web.

also, you’ll get 5G of data from apple with our account.
that data is for you to use as backup as well as data in files that are in your email.

you have a mac. awesome.
now you want to make sure your MAIL is in SYNC with your mac and your phone on the go forward.
so many people have trouble with deleting on one device and not deleting on the other.
ugh. don’t be that guy.
you need to move all your folders on your mac in the cloud…eg iCloud.
so, on your mac, you have to make sure you “turn on” iCloud.
that is located in preferences/icloud.
you’ll see it.
sign in with your apple ID on your mac.
click all the apps eg mail/contacts/calendars/etc.
now, when you add an address on your phone, it will show up on your mac contacts app as well.
ditto with deleting an appointment on your calendar app.
but with mail, you need to set ALL the folders into iCloud.

ok, next.


how much storage do you have?
on your iphone, go to SETTINGS / ICLOUD / and scroll to the BOTTOM
here is where you can see how much storage you’ve used

next, same page, note it says BACKUP.
turn “iCloud backup” ON.
now your phone will back up to the cloud when you have it plugged in, on wi-fi, and locked.

next, go back one page to the iCloud page.
note at the bottom it says “Find My iPhone”.
turn that on!
now, you’ll be able to find your lost iphone.

next, make sure all the rest of that stuff is turned on for iCloud as well.

next, personal hotspot.
if you want to use the LTE connection on your phone to get on the internet with your iPad – say, in a car, you can.
create a hotspot on SETTINGS/ PERSONAL HOTSPOT page.

oh, practice pulling your thumb up from the bottom of the screen to invoke a settings page that gives you a bunch of instant changes, eg turn on/off air/wifi/bluetooth/do not disturb, brightness, volume, calculator, camera, flashlight…etc.
Practice puling that thing down as well.
its a little tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it over time.

next, i make the TEXT larger on my phone. i’m old. lol.
you can too.

want emojis on your text and emails?
at the bottom of that page is another “keyboards” click. click it.
add a keyboard, and find EMOJI. add it. voila. instant happy faces and more.

wanna save battery life?
one good way is to NOT use Push Email.
Push checks constantly, and uses a ton of battery.
change “fetch new data” from push to “every 15 minutes”.
i notice a huge difference in battery with this one single modification.

same place – ok, back just one page – set preview to 5 lines. then u can read a fair bit of most emails.
want a signature that isn’t that stupid “sent from my iphone” ? change it here, at SIGNATURE.

There’s a fair bit more you can look at and modify, but the above are the biggies for me.

ok, apps….

here’s what i would use on an iPhone…ok, here’s what i DO use on my iPhone.

Google Maps…i use both Apple maps and Google Maps. they are both useful. have both.
Facebook. well, if you use Facebook, chances are you’ll mostly use it on you iPhone.
Facebook Messenger…well, as of August 2014, you love it or hate it.
Twitter or Hootsuite. I use Hootsuite to access Twitter. there are several. if you use twitter, you need an app.
Speedtest. you are going to find that LTE is way faster than most wi-fi networks. but to be sure, checking internet speed will prove it to you. home/work/car/mall…they all have different speeds.
Dropbox. if u use dropbox on your mac, you’ll want it on your iPhone.
Rdio or whatever music app you use on your desktop. They’ll sync to your iphone. cool.
all of these apps are free.
you can go mental with apps. there are over a million of them. good luck.

press and hold the home button.
a squiggly line shows up.
asap let go of home button.
say in a clear voice “what’s the weather like today”.
it will talk to you, telling you the weather.

do it again, but this time say “i want to go see a movie”.
i use SIRI to create REMINDERS.
i click it and say (fairly quickly, eg without pausing, and in a clear loud voice”) “remind me to get milk tomorrow at one pm”
confirm it.
practice that.

Reminders are a massive help.
you can use reminders on your mac to create or edit, and they’ll show up on your iPhone.
i let it remind me that i lent someone a camera, to get milk, to reach out to bob, and i tell it when to remind me.
brain power!!

ok, that’s a good start on you iPhone.

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