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so, i thought i would get a little tune-up for my bicycle.  i could get it done for free by the place that i bought it at, but i wanted to give some $ to a fellow on venice beach boardwalk who fixes bikes.  He lives in a van, seems like a nice guy, and we always say hi to one another.

Up I ride and say ” can you look at the brakes and the gears, oil, full the tires, and note that a couple of spokes might need tightening…and here’s twenty bucks”. 

He says, “well, with the spokes that’ll be forty bucks.”

“Ok, forget the spokes, and just do the rest for twenty.  OK?  The bike was three hundred new, and i don’t want to put forty into it.”

He comes back with “I’ve worked on bikes that win races, and i should charge you sixty.”

My turn…”Look, i don’t want to embarrass you or me.  Sorry, I sort of thought i was doing you a favor, and that you could use the business.”  He stares at me blankly, perhaps thinking I’m going to cave.  Not sure what he was thinking, really.

So, I ride away, not sure how either of us won anything.  And my bike still needs a look at.  Off to the bike store.

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