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In 1995 I predicted the death of Apple Computer. If you use the waybackmachine and you know what i was doing back in those days, you’ll be able to find it. That was back in the day when Steve Jobs was not part of the company and, of course, things have changed a lot since then. Today, I’m a massive Apple fan boy after having used Windows forever. I got my first Apple computer around 2003. Since then I have turned my entire business into Apple users and we use the iPad iPhone Macbookpro iMac AppleTV etal both in the business and socially.

Here’s an interview from 1985 published in Playboy with Steve Jobs, which is an excellent read. There are so many awesome take aways and it’s something for anyone to read who is thinking of starting a company. Whether it’s 1985 or 2010, Steve Jobs has remained someone who really understands people. He clearly understood at the time that consumers wanted a simple, easy to use device. In the interview he predicts that the Internet was going to be show up sometime soon and he also saw that we would be connected.

Whenever I wonder about some of my friends who might dismiss Apple their products or Steve Jobs, I just think he’s been right so many times, and he’s going to be right again and again and again. This is an excellent read.

It will remind you that your device or idea must actually work and be easy to use in order for people to care. Technorati Tags: , , ,

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