Reviews & Comments

some comments from people who have read hownot2suck:


This is a great bathroom book which, for me, is a compliment.
~ Allan Moyle, Filmmaker, writer/director “Pump Up The Volume”

A tremendous amount of food for thought in your book, I am learning from it and enjoying it immensely.~ Peter Erskine, Drummer, Weather Report, Dianna Krall, etc.

I just want to let you know that your book has affected and touched me profoundly
~ Paul V.,  TV Industry professional

Ron cuts through the ‘fog’ and allows the reader to experience the beauty of being existential while directing us to use our innate cognitive abilities to make clear decisions.
~ John Puchiele, B.F.A. M.A. Psychotherapist

Plenty of truths and wisdom delivered in an honest, yet entertaining
way. Hindsight is 20/20, and I wish foresight were the same, but the
wealth of info in the book definitely helps to be better equipped for
future events.
~ Steve Cupani, composer

…a novel way to put across some common sense.  This is going to help some people coming up through the ranks.
~ Mark Quail, Attorney

“How Not To Suck is my new Bible”
~ Dan Hill, Singer/Songwriter

Loved it!  So much good advice, that I really need right now as I begin setting up the photography business.  And, just good life wisdom as well.
~ Susan W.

your insights have arrived at exactly the right time.
~ David Houghton,

There is so much good shit in here I don’t know where to begin.

I have a prediction: namely that people will come up to you and tell you of
a particular story that resonated with them and why. Sounds like the makings
of a moderated social network around the book, perhaps!

Along the lines of “youth is wasted on the young”, we only realize how very
profound the so-called simple truths are once we’ve been bashed around and
had our hearts broken a few times.
~ Sebastien Chorney, Technologist

I can’t even thank you enough.  My favourite advice was at the beginning where you said people are buying into you not as much your service.  I feel as if I am going at my own business on my own with no help but reading your book just gave me more motivation and inspiration.  The other part that I loved was the part of how we may change careers many times in our lives.
~ Vandana T., Attorney

I read your book this weekend and really loved it.  it made me think a lot and helped solidify some decisions I’ve made recently.  it’s a great handbook for young people who haven’t had the life experiences to decide their morality and great for us old young people who need a refresher.
~ James Berg, Screenwriter, “Roseanne, Golden Girls, Rita Rocks”

You’ve somehow managed to combine fun, up-beat, and positive with
scathingly realistic. Not to mention incredibly informative. Rare and
effective. It stimulates response – gets the fluids running and juices
flowing and other liquid analogies.
~ Schroeder Nordholt, musician

Loved the book…very quick read…insightful…inspiring ! Lots of info we know, but always need to be reminded of ….
~ Michel Demars, musician

Just finished your book–thought it was great. Great format too. It really flies by, lots of information in crisp chunks in an intuitive, logical order. It’s weird how every mind is unique — just for you to come up with the concept says a lot about the reflective individuality of your synapses. On the surface, it is a book about integrity (who takes the time to think anyone cares about that? –yet it is the most important thing!!!) but also it’s a book about all the unseen things between things (which is again integrity)-but also it’s the molecules, the air, the glue, the shadows of integrity. It permeates everywhere. Interestingly enough, the books’ deeper message comes from moments of melancholy or disappointment, yet stopping way short of any form of bitterness. Because of the collapse of integrity around all of us, there is betrayal, lost friendships, and all manner of failed relationships or enterprises. This book finds ways to get the juice back after all the disappointments. We learn that just integrity is not enough but hope and good will, come just a hair in front of integrity to make it all work.

Great job and very unique perspective–should help a lot of people.

~ Mike Maguire, Composer