Here Come The Rain

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Since spending time in Venice, California, I’ve had the good fortune to meet some interesting people. One such person is Venice boardwalk artist Arthure Moore.  Arthure has had it, lost it, gotten it back, let it go all over again.  The interesting thing about Arthure is that in many ways he is as happy or happier than many other people I know who would appear to “have” more.

Arthure and I have coffee (ok, I have coffee, and he has beer) several mornings per week when I’m in the ‘hood. He’s bright, talented, and…funny. We could all learn a few things from him, and he’s a great add to the world of hownot2suck.

There are two parts to this film, which premiered at the hownot2suck @ businessnbeing ebook launch in Toronto, on September 13, 2010.  And, I’m happy to report that the films floored the audience.

ps the chapter Here Comes The Rain is at the foot of this post.

Arthure Moore (part 1)

Arthure Moore (Part 2)

The Inspirational Chapter

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