The Introduction

Once upon a time, I wrote a guide and gave it a very sexy title, “How To License Your Music Into Movies And Television.” It was based on my work and knowledge as a Music Supervisor.

I sold 500 copies by placing ads in music mags while using fulfillment services to handle the mailings and payments. As the internet took hold, I began selling it online as a PDF.

Meanwhile, I was asked to teach a class at a music industry school. The idea was that I would teach from the guide, but something happened in those classes that I hadn’t counted on.

I discovered that the students were mostly being taught an old idea, that their education would help them “get a job.” It occurred to me that these people would not “get a job,” but need to “create a job.” Not only is this not your father’s world, but it isn’t going to be your older brother’s world either!

So, pulling from my experiences as a small business owner, we began discussing business needs – employees, clients, suppliers – and life needs – love, ambition, purpose.
I realized these people are no different than me: we learn alot of things in school, but not much that is useful. So, I decided that I would put together a bunch of stuff they didn’t teach us…and that became this book.

Designed to help you get the job, get paid, advance your career, communicate better, understand others, and generally be happier, hownot2suck@businessnbeing is equal parts light and hard hitting. It is not a group hug. It is purposefully short and to the point, knowing that you’re busy and so am I. The pictures are included to help you think creatively.  Besides, we’re always allowed to have fun.

So, jump in anywhere. You may find some chapters cover ideas that are revelations, while others are reminders of ideas you’re well familiar with.
Finally, if you own a Fortune 500 company, or have already made your millions as an entrepreneur, then move along; there may be nothing here for you. But, if you want to find out hownot2suck@businessnbeing, then you’ve come to the right place.