Beware Of Your Dreams

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Now more than ever, we need to consider our dreams.  Are we willing to take the required action to achieve our goals?

The world of composing music for film and tv is a long one before success arrives in any tangible manner.  My managing of composer Robert Carli has been a high point in my career.  But, it took tenacity on both our parts to  find success.  It did not come overnight.  Even now, success is assured only by continuing to push a rock up a hill.

Here’s a look at some of Robert’s talents, as part of an improvisational performance that took place during the hownot2suck ebook release party of Sept 13, 2010  in Toronto.  Note that Robert also knows how to surround himself with talented people!

and here is the original presentation including my introduction to Robert Carli.

And here is the chapter from hownot2suck

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