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Surround Yourself With Talented People

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Arpix wouldn’t be the same without the talented people involved. I”m blessed beyond belief to know such great and artistic folks.  And they brought me Maylee.  Very cool!  I know you’ll want to know, so here’s some info on the instrument she’s playing…the Tenori-on

And, here’s the chapter from hownot2suck.

Live A Little : George Koller

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Always the experimenter, in music styles and life itself, I consider myself fortunate to know talented musician George Koller. George brought a sitar to the ebook release. Very cool.

Inspirational of the chapter “Live A Little”, this performance is from the hownot2suck ebook release party of 9.13.10 in Toronto. The chapter itself follows.

And just in case you’d like to hear Spirit doing Zep before Zep did it…

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Learn From A Plumber

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My good friend Paul Neill let me record this short story set in the wonderful world of plumbing.

here’s the chapter to go with it.

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Timing Is Everything : Suzie Vinnick

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Songwriter Suzie Vinnick wrote a song on spec for a film we were working on called Twist.  While we didn’t end up using the song in the film, she entered it into a songwriting contest and came away a winner.

Suzie was gracious enough to come out to the ebook release party and perform the song.  Here it is.  enjoy:

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Nobody Does You Better Than You : Be Authentic

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Perhaps the most important thing you can be to somebody else is authentic. Being yourself gives everyone power…power for others to truly know who you are, and power to you to simply be…yourself.

Fergus Hambleton is a guy who does what he does.  You love it?  Fine.  Not for you?  Also fine.  I happen to think he’s heartfelt and talented.  Fergus was kind enough to shine some of his musical light on the hownot2suck ebook release party on September 13, 2010. Here it is, both the classic video, and a trippy remix.  Following that is the chapter “Be Authentic” from the ebook.

The Classic Mix

The Trippy Video Mix

The Chapter

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Free Is The New Paid

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It’s simply tougher and tougher to get noticed in the crowd.  The people who have come before you have contacts, experience, and at the moment a much bigger chance to succeed than you do.  But, there’s hope.  You have talent.  All you need is an opportunity for others to experience you. Trust me, if you’re great at what you do, the money will follow.  But for now?  You may have to work for free.

Read the chapter “Free Is The New Paid” below.

But first, take this is an example; Composer Rich Ragsdale describes how he caught a big break – it took him doing something on the cheap to get it – in this short film, premiered at the hownot2suck ebook release party in Toronto, on September 13, 2010.  It was shot in August, on the streets of Venice, California.

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Here Come The Rain

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Since spending time in Venice, California, I’ve had the good fortune to meet some interesting people. One such person is Venice boardwalk artist Arthure Moore.  Arthure has had it, lost it, gotten it back, let it go all over again.  The interesting thing about Arthure is that in many ways he is as happy or happier than many other people I know who would appear to “have” more.

Arthure and I have coffee (ok, I have coffee, and he has beer) several mornings per week when I’m in the ‘hood. He’s bright, talented, and…funny. We could all learn a few things from him, and he’s a great add to the world of hownot2suck.

There are two parts to this film, which premiered at the hownot2suck @ businessnbeing ebook launch in Toronto, on September 13, 2010.  And, I’m happy to report that the films floored the audience.

ps the chapter Here Comes The Rain is at the foot of this post.

Arthure Moore (part 1)

Arthure Moore (Part 2)

The Inspirational Chapter

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Beware Of Your Dreams

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Now more than ever, we need to consider our dreams.  Are we willing to take the required action to achieve our goals?

The world of composing music for film and tv is a long one before success arrives in any tangible manner.  My managing of composer Robert Carli has been a high point in my career.  But, it took tenacity on both our parts to  find success.  It did not come overnight.  Even now, success is assured only by continuing to push a rock up a hill.

Here’s a look at some of Robert’s talents, as part of an improvisational performance that took place during the hownot2suck ebook release party of Sept 13, 2010  in Toronto.  Note that Robert also knows how to surround himself with talented people!

and here is the original presentation including my introduction to Robert Carli.

And here is the chapter from hownot2suck

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Lets Hang Out

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Entrepreneur Johnny Brower defines the spirit of the chapter “Let’s Hang Out” from hownot2suck. We desire to simply hang out, become comfortable with another human, and then do interesting things together, all based on trust that each party understands what makes the other person tick.

From the ebook release party in Toronto on Sept 13, 2010 here are 2 mixes of the performance of the sweet song “Baby If”, composed by Johnny.

First, the classic video mix, including my longer intro to his performance.

And, here is the trippy video remix.

Here is the chapter itself:

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Keeping Up With Technology : Kevin Leflar

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Based on the chapter of the same name, Keeping Up With Technology…more challenging then ever, and part of the sea change that is the modern age. 

Pay attention or perish.

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