Capri- Voting With Our Feet

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the reviews on Yelp say it all.

Tonite, a friend and I went for dinner to Capri, a so-called “classy” place on Abbot Kinney in Venice CA 90291, and the endless disappointments were…endless.

After having expressed at least 3 times how i wished to have my steak done…rare…and better too rare then not rare enough, it arrived 30 minutes later…on the far side of medium done, verging on well done. My friend sent his meal back as he was now eating alone…yes, i had no choice but to send my meal back as it was un-eatable fro me. Additionally, I took no pleasure in having waited 30 minutes for the wrong delivery, but there is no way I could eat this semi-shoe-leather, and we were having a good time, so no biggie. Several minutes later our waitress returned with a menu and we both ordered a new item, the same thing.  The salmon that now returned 20 minutes later, and in Capri’s defense, was quite good.

But, we had to use mind control to let her know that a glass of wine on the house might be the right way to deal with having completely screwed up my order, and that it was 30 minutes to arrive, and we still had not been fed.  We had now been generally foodless for close to an hour since our arrival.  I felt like we were in an episode of Hells Kitchen.

Having said the above, all of it was excusable, but the following was not.  My friend had chatted up the owner, Allanah, upon our arrival.  Yet, when we had our problem with the poorly delivered meal, she breezed by our table and left with a friend for shores unknown.  Upon her later return, she continued to ignore us. Even upon our receiving the bill, and even with the knowledge that the restaurant was now empty but for us, she did not say a word to us, and I promise you, dear reader, that we were nothing short of the most kind and humour-filled customers, as we were in such good moods throughout our sojourn, so our attitude was not the problem. 

No, the problem was that the owner did not care to engage with us or the problem with our meal, thus ensuring the most basic rule of being a small business owner.  We will vote with our feet. And in 2010, our feet are loud.  We will tell our 811 friends on Facebook, and our 500 or so followers on Twitter. Not that it matters to her, as we were faced with our bill for our re-ordered meals, and our bottle of wine.

In defense of the waitress, who was clearly in over her head from the get-go, we did also receive a glass of wine each, as well as an appetizer on the house.  I have no complaint with any of that.  No, I have issue with an owner who clearly knew what the problems were, had engaged us in pleasant chit-chat earlier, and still chose not to face the firing squad of her customers.  She is an empty vessel and one who I can no longer put my money to work on. To give her business, or to recommend anyone else to give her business, is to suck @businessnbeing. And, that is just not my style.

Note to self…if your staff screws up, then you have screwed up.  Therefore, you are the one who needs to make good, to apologize, to face the firing squad…to be “classy”.  When you choose to ignore this, you are choosing to kill your business…you are choosing to suck @businessnbeing.

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