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designed for iPad, hownot2suck is a downloadable PDF that is also viewable on any monitor. v2.0 Available Now! (Original Release: September 13, 2010)

Add to Cartyes, pay whatever you like! hownot2suck has been selling for the suggested sale price of $9.99, but i’m far more interested in you having this at your fingertips than in having your money.

for 2012, i’ve decided to leave the decision in your hands… your success is my success… so, pay whatever you like, but do make use of the content.



1 ) Click here. A new window will open, bringing you to your e-junkie shopping cart.

2 ) Put your selected price into the lime-green field.

3 ) Put your country and postal/ZIP code. Your shopping cart will look something like this.

4 ) Click “Update Cart” and then “Checkout with PayPal”.

5 ) Fill out the PayPal form (or use a credit card … we’ve all bought things online before, haven’t we?)

6 ) Download the book.

7 ) Drag the PDF into your iTunes library.

8 ) Add to your iPad, sync the iPad, and open in the PDF section of iBooks. …or simply view the PDF on your computer.

9 ) Enjoy!