About Ron

I’m a guy who stumbled into being a small business owner. At 22, I was playing music in a band, and if you’d have asked me what I’d be doing at 36, I certainly wouldn’t have told you I would own a small business. But that’s exactly what happened when I found myself starting and owning a music supervision company named Arpix Media Inc.

What I didn’t realize was that the “company” part was going to take on a life of its own, far removed from the cool and groovy aspects of moviemaking and music licensing. No, the “company” part did not occur to me at all. So, over time I got some clients, a better computer, an intern, an assistant, an employee, then more clients, then a need for more invoices, then an idea to expand with a second company called The Rights Company, followed by the mining and keeping of more and newer clients, and then more invoices, and on and on, …and I finally realized that not only did I have two successful companies, but that I actually knew how to run them!

Outside of work, I enjoy staying abreast of advances in technology, reading biographies, playing poker, painting, and learning new musical instruments – the latest being saxophone. I live in both Toronto and Victoria, after living for several years in Los Angeles.

My next big project is a musical about death.

Ron Proulx